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A Bottle Full of Candies is a harvest of years of dreaming and planning.
This space wore different clothing, and as per my whims and fancy, it changed avatars. But, what I realized is that I just wanted a space that is simple to read and that makes people feel snug and happy. At the same time, it can be a place that supports the dreams and hopes of many brave hearts, who decide to take the path less traveled. The Small Bsuiness Owners. This is still an empty piece of soil, and I firmly believe that it has great potential.
Rest, it is all about things that "spark joy" as Marie Kondo says. Will be doing things a little slow here. No hurry here in this space. It's lahe-lahe (slowly, slowly in the Assamese language) here. Pour a cup of tea or coffee, whichever you prefer, and enjoy scrolling.



Keep reading. Stay blissful.

- Dibyoshnata Talukdar

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