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5 Locally Sourced Cruelty and Chemical Free Beauty Brands by Femalepreneurs

Updated: Apr 17, 2021

5 Locally Sourced Cruelty and Chemical Free Beauty Brands by Femalepreneurs

Beauty and skincare is a religion for most women. Even a non-believer will have at least a bottle of moisturizer to talk. India, the home of Ayurveda and tropical heaven is today buzzing with skincare and wellness products created with herbal, homemade, vegan, and locally sourced ingredients. When the feminine whips her magic wand, care, cruelty-free, chemical-free are the magic spells that goes in creating some of the most luxurious beauty and wellness solutions.

Here we have a quite known to the social media junta, 5 locally sourced Beauty Brands by Femalepreneurs.

About them, by them:

  • Pure. Raw. Unrefined

  • Your one-stop pure ingredients store for DIY natural beauty & aroma therapy

  • Sourced from within India only

Photo Credits: @blenditraw

Blend It Raw brings in beauty and aromatherapy products that are derived from raw and unrefined ingredients from across India. They give particular emphasis on the fact that their ingredients are picked within the country borders, making them a truly #MakeInIndia brand.

"You can either use our products directly or whip them up with a product of your choice. All you need is to have fun while taking care of your body and just DO-IT-YOURSELF!"

Products that caught our attention:

Our Comments

The ingredients are so local and that they are used for beauty and wellness purpose, which gives a reason to try out the product. The pricing seems reasonable and should not be burning the pocket. Also, they have a well stocked-up blog with information on most of the ingredients they use and how they are helpful as beauty products. The DIY part of their products is the most interesting.

About them, by them:

  • Spreading #GoodnessInside one little choice at a time!

  • Plastic Positive

  • Toxin Free

  • Cruelty Free

  • MadeSafe Certified

Photo Credits:

Mama Earth is quite a known brand now that does not require more mentioning. However, as they fulfil all the criteria that we are looking at our listicle today, so here they are.

Mama Earth is a brand by a dotting pair of parents, who were in search of non-toxic baby products while they were expecting their first baby. But destiny had plans for both. Surprisingly they did not find any toxin-free products (to their mere shock), and that's what driven them to come up to create products which were completely safe & certified toxin-free.

"A brand, by a parent, for the parent."

Products that caught our attention:

  • Onion-based Hair range

  • Dusting Powder with Organic Oatmeal & Arrowroot Powder for Babies

  • Ubtan Body Lotion with Turmeric & Kokum Butter for Glowing Skin

  • Retinol Bamboo Sheet Mask with Retinol & Bakuchi for Fine Lines & Wrinkles

Our Comments:

The story sells the brand. Toxic-free products are something we all would prefer to buy. Products are decently affordable and come with a wide range to choose. The brand today goes beyond baby products and have extensive beauty and wellness solution range. Again, having mom Ghazal there behind the brand convinces us about the promises made.

About them, by them:

  • Infused with simple yet effective nature-derived ingredients, our skin & hair care products are a blend of ancient Ayurvedic secrets & modern science.

Photo Credits: @purebypriyanka

Another beauty brand based on Ayurvedic technology infused with modern science, Pure by Priyanka - Myoho brings its products in extremely small batches. It is to ensure that the products used are fresh and pure.

The Priyanka behind 'Pure by Priyanka' is Priyanka Sarna, whose "love for beauty and skincare stemmed from looking at her Dadi (paternal grandmother), regularly fixing some home-based remedy for her grandchildren."

FYI The brand name 'Myoho' comes from the lotus sutra - Nam Myo Ho Renge Kyo, which means 'to revive'. Myoho claims that their products are free from a host of chemicals and byproducts like parabens, mineral oil, artificial colourants and synthetic fragrance, to name a few.

Products that caught our attention:

  • Luminous Powder Cleanser

  • Moon Struck Night Cream

  • Sun Kissed Mineral Sunscreen

  • Jade/Amythest/Rose Quartz Gua Sha

  • Ojaswani Body Massage Oil

Our Comments:

Once again, this is a Made-In-India and most importantly, a Femalepreneur venture, which we something selfishly vouch. The products fall into the mid-luxury category as they may not be over-the-top costly but may require a little budgeting. However, it may be a great gifting option as their gift boxes are pretty decent and elegantly designed.

About them, by them:

  • #MeFirst

  • 100% Natural | Zero Chemicals | Honest

  • Co-Founded by Twin Sisters & Mom

Photo Credits: @hibiscusmonkey

They have this spring-and-summer-twinning kind of a vibe when you go to their Instagram page. And what not to love about a name like Hibiscus Monkey! So tropicish!

Hibiscus Monkey is another No Chemicals/Paraben/Synthetics, a homegrown, girls-grown brand from Mumbai, which caters to skincare and female wellness. They have a limited number of products, but that's a plus, because there are not too many to choose from, and the branding gives this fresh, natural vibe which will make you go and try out their products.

Products that caught our attention:

  • Comforter - Menstrual Cramp Oil

  • HM Cuddles (Lip Balms)

  • Hibiscus Hair Oil

Our Comments

They are a nature-based, homegrown brand, by Femalepreneurs (Mona and Roshni Mehta ). So we are already biased. Plus one should try the Menstrual Cramp Oil, as only the Goddess knows how much we all ladies need that more than anything during periods. Also, we loved their messaging of #MeFirst, calling up the ladies to put their self-care on priority.

About them, by them:

  • Artisanal plant inspired skincare.

  • Luxuriantly handcrafted for your skin & soul with thoughtfulness & precision

Photo Credits: @rawconcoctions

Raw Concoctions is nearly self-explanatory about their nature-based beauty products. Their products are plant-based skincare range. Their website claims their products to be free from toxins, fragrances, colours, sulfates or parabens. Subah Chhabra is the founder, and she has an interesting story on how she came up to start this brand.

"Nature possesses the ability to heal almost anything, all it needs from you is a little faith & patience in her"

Products that caught our attention:

  • Pink Dragon Fruit Powder

  • Mimosa & Jamaican Black Castor Oil Lip Butter

  • Healing Overnight Oil Elixir

  • Organic Coffee Seed Oil

Our Comments:

Raw Concoctions is an out-and-out luxury brand. Their ingredients are exotic and come with a very luxurious range of apothecary products. Again, by a Femalepreneur! That settles there. Their branding and packaging are very soothing and elegant to look.

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