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5 Podcasts to Become Better Versions of Yourself During Quarantine

Updated: Apr 17, 2021

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Discovering the whole world of podcasts was an accident. It was a few years ago and some unrelated search around the word pod, landed me on the very word. And very soon, I become a podcast addict. As I said, on my last post, the quarantine time could be the best of all, when we are locked inside our homes and finding ample time to kill. This is the best time to explore the world of podcasts, as per one’s interest. Podcasts are also great tools for learning about scores of ideas that can help us in becoming more productive and better versions of yourselves, The best part about the podcasts are that they are mostly free to listen to, and there are several free podcast apps from respective devices app stores. I usually use Podcast Player and Spotify.

Here are a list of 5 podcasts you can use to become better versions of yourself during quarantine:

(Links provided with each mention is only for learning more about them. You can go to your podcast app and directly subscribe to each on your phone or tab itself.)

Frequency: Monday Mornings

The name is quite suggestive, and it is one of my favourite themes to listen to. The 5 AM Miracle is a podcast that comes on every Monday, with new and always dynamic sounding episodes on productivity strategies. The host, Jeff Sanders interviews highly successful people from around the world. The titles of the episodes are quite quirky and creates great curiosity, and never disappoints the listeners. It has something good for everyone to take from.

Frequency: Monday, Wednesday, Friday

The best part of this podcast is its short and simple. As it is mentioned in the ‘about us’ of the podcast, it's bite-sized and less than five minutes mostly. Ashdin Doctor keeps his content simple and crisp. He speaks about different habits which are really interesting, rich with facts, that can really help to change your life.

Frequency: Irregular / 7-8 times a month

Vishen Lakhiani is a visionary, and The Mind Valley is his vision, come or coming true. This is a premium quality content where you will get to hear from world leaders, coaches, visionaries, and other highly successful people who share insights on personal growth and self-transformation. Mind Valley is also the world's leading personal growth education company. From teaching you think like an innovator, to even sharing tips on how to avoid balding and regrowing your hair, to the most valuable ‘skill’ for success in future, it talks about everything you would want to know for the life we all desire but don’t know how to have it.

Frequency: Irregular

Kwik Brain is my new discovery. Jim Kwik is a person who literally talks about learning Kwik (quick). His podcasts are designed to help busy people learn and achieve anything in a fraction of the time. Kwik has been training world’s leading CEO’s and celebrities. And again the best part about the podcast is that it is bite-sized and easy to digest. Kwik provides simple actionable tools for using one’s brain to its maximum potential.

Frequency: Wednesdays

(Typecasting Alert!!)If you are one of those girl-power hustlers who spend a lot of time on Pinterest for inspiration for your dream business, you must have come across the term, Girl Boss. forget about it sounding cliched, because, Sophia is the trailblazing ‘Girl Boss’ who has built her Girl Power empire scratching from scratch, and also has a Netflix movie based on her name. Girlboss Radio is definitely about women, who have faced all that dirt and grim and came out glowing like after a mud bath. They speak about what it took them to create their successful careers or grow their own businesses. This might not be directly about productivity, but it is definitely about applying the productivity to reach where you want to.

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