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5 Things You Can Do To Support Local Businesses Around You

Updated: Apr 17, 2021

 Support Local Businesses Around You

With the advent of COVID-19 and economies worldwide going into a shutdown as a result, the worst affected have been the local and small businesses who saw unsold inventories and their profits being squeezed out.

But why does it matter? Pay extra money for an oven-baked loaf of bread when you can order the same from online giants like Amazon cheaper?

You see, local businesses go far and beyond than such costs. Looking for quality? Contact a local business owner who will treat their customer like a king!

Why? Because when you are small, every customer matters. Also, such businesses are known for hiring locally or sell local produce which helps create a local economy and a synergetic commercial community. So how as a customer can you help local businesses grow?

1. Amplify Your Support

Google Maps, during the pandemic developed a new feature where you can search for local stores in need of help. You as a supporter of local businesses can also rate and write reviews for your favorite café or shops to amplify their popularity. Social media posts tagging such businesses also help in increasing visibility and expanding their customer base. 2. Buy Gift Cards

Gift cards are a great way to show support when you are not looking to make any purchases currently. Buy a gift card and use them later during gift shopping for festivals or in peak seasons when items run out fast. Buying gift cards not only help businesses with their cash requirements during lean seasons when sales are not high but also afford the customers ease and discounts when purchases are to be made in the future! 3. Shop Online

Many small shops have started offering online services during the pandemic. The next time you log on the internet for buying a new t-shirt or a new book, rather than going to the usual Amazons and Flipkarts, check if any smaller websites are offering the same products and services. Many a time these smaller websites are quicker and efficient in delivering what you want due to the lesser load on their servers. Also, quality standards tend to be better due to fewer customers. 4. Be the Good Samaritan

Trained in website designing? Have an extra basement not in use? Small businesses often do not have the funds to take professional help for designing their websites or expand their businesses. You can thus offer your services to local businesses for cheap or for free to help them sell and promote online or expand their business. 5. Donate

Nothing beats the good old donation! Small businesses are often cash strapped due to long gestation periods and most transactions being online. Thus, a cash donation goes a long way in helping them meet their day-to-day needs. If you are financially well off, a small proportion of your monthly income can be kept for donating to the local stores around you. That’s it for this article folks, hope you look at local businesses with a more empathetic eye after reading this! Until next time then!

By Agrima Dwivedi, Writer

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