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A Slow Morning in Mumbai

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

Lazying around in my bed as I wake up slowly at 9 am, I am aware of the people running about, dressed impeccably to go to their 9 to 5 jobs. They have woken up at 4 am, jogged about the society for an hour, done their stretches, cooked food for the house, done their laundry, packed their kids tiffin, sent them to school, read their newspapers, had their tea, bath, got ready. Now they are walking briskly for their office jobs while I struggle to get out of my bed.

A deep breath with the sun shining on my face and my cat in constant purr for food, are my alarm clocks. Every morning is this one constant story that my cat, Simba will not stop licking, and nibbling my skin, till I am out of my bed and I give him food.

Before I give him food, I heat some water to drink and start my day with a glass of warm water to cleanse my body from inside and wake it up. The routine follows. Take his bowl, put in a quarter of his packed food, with a little bit of water and a sprinkle of his dry food while he is constantly meowing and then give him food.

Working from home means it’s better to get few quick home chores out of the way before they end up constantly distracting you as procrastination to your work. So the next few things that I do is watering my green balcony plants, putting my clothes in the washing machine, folding the dried clothes, dusting the house, cleaning Simba’s litter box, filling up the water bottles and any other thing which involves setting up the house.

That’s it. After all these mindless activities are done and I have done enough thinking in my mind, it is the perfect time to do some morning writing. Morning writing or journaling


or reflective writing is a good way to clean your soul after you are done with cleaning your house. Usually while I am at it, my cook comes in and that is my cue to get ready to eat. So I brush and bathe, right after we discuss what would she be cooking that day.

Now I am completely fresh, mentally, physically, and as I sit and enjoy my freshly made breakfast, I go through my to do’s for the day, watch some inspirational videos and dive right in.

What is your morning routine?

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