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An IT Software Engineer Turned Self-Taught Artist's Love Affair with Sunflowers and Monet

Hey there, I am Amita, an IT Software engineer turned self taught artist.

How you landed up

I wanted to study fine arts but destiny had other plans for me. Instead I studied engineering and worked close to 5 years in an MNC. I decided to quit my IT job after I got married and decided to chase my dream, my passion for Art.

The Journey

I started painting again after marriage and decided to take it up professionally after that. I then started my Instagram page (@amitadand) and kept creating and posting my works. I also started to conduct online art workshops. Slowly started to grow and selling my works and never looked back then.

About lakes and sunflowers

Nature inspires me a lot and in it I find great beauty and inspiration. The purity of the waterlilies or lotuses, their ability to rise from the mud gives me a huge inspiration. When I paint them , it helps me to come more closely towards it. In fact, I have a lot of plants in my home that helps in keeping me inspired.

Challenges as an artist

To list a few like finding a recognizable style of your own, improving yourself from before and to sell your art to make a living. Painter, painting, place, song or time period in life that inspired the most There’s a long list of artist who inspires me but the first and foremost mention goes to the great French artist Claude Monet and his famous water lilies. It’s his beautiful paintings that inspired me to try and paint water lilies. An artist in an already crowded space

Everyone is unique in their own way. Once you have your signature style of painting, you will stand out in the crowd. Work hard to find your true calling and you will never be in the crowd.

Slam Book

· Favourite songs Love you Zindagi

· Place where you want to go and paint – Giverny in France and paint in front of the famous Monet’s water lilies garden

· Favourite book(s)- 5 Point Someone, Wings of Fire, The Namesake, Stay Hungry Stay Foolish

· Favourite flowers – water lilies, lotus, sunflowers, roses

· Favourite season and why – Winter for the cosy vibes and yummy food

· Five most favourite things you want to be near you always – My family, my art stuff, love, confidence and peace of mind.

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