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And I want to live a very very quite life

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

I just finished painting this teapot house that I was so keen to complete since a week now. Though I was not really prepared to do so today, I wanted to be brave and complete the piece before I restart on something else. Also, yesterday I had announced on social media that I am going to spend the entire weekend sketching and painting. Hence, I went for it, and I must say I am quite content with the output, as I was not expecting even half of what it turned out to be. Oh, and by the way, this image is a recreation of one that I saw on Pinterest. I promise I did justice to the original one.

Tea Pot House Water Paint

And just as I finished putting away all my brushes and cleaning up the actual mess of water and paint, I sat down searching for the next inspiration. Finding none, I went back to the Instagram post of the same painting. Not so perfect, but I am happy with how it looks on the grid.

Honestly, at times I paint mostly to put it on Instagram then for its own sake. But then, why not? If there was no Instagram, I would have never come across the work of great painters and illustrators. I would have not realised how much I actually love fine arts, something that has been steady in my pursuits of hobbies all these years.

Often these days, before tucking myself to sleep, I visit the pages of Primmie Smith (Primmie's World). My personal favourite is Primmie’s World itself, and Primmie’s World: Whimsy Xmas. There are two more: Primmie’s World: Tea Art and Primmie’s World: Garden Art. You will find them all once you visit the first one I mentioned. They are all managed by Primmie her self. She also runs a Facebook page and four Facebook groups of the same names.

Primmie's World is about whimsical art from various artists. As per their FB page, "We post whimsical art related to anthropomorphic animals and fairies." Visiting their page and being part of their groups on the same topic, I learned what it means by anthropomorphic.

According to Litcharts.Com: Anthropomorphism is the attribution of human characteristics, emotions, and behaviors to animals or other non-human things (including objects, plants, and supernatural beings). Some famous examples of anthropomorphism include Winnie the Pooh, the Little Engine that Could,....

Digging deep, I cae across the works of painters and illustrators like Susan Wheeler, Brian Patterson, Gabriel Evans, and so many other names. Delightful they are. You must have seen those paintings of a Mamma Bunny and kids Bunny, gathered around for tea near a progressing fire, in a comfortable living room, built inside a tree.

something like this...

They evoke so much cosiness and the feeling of being home. Home is where you find your peace after all. The whimsical and dreamy paintings of Susan Wheeler and her likes, are there to reassure this fact.

Going through these paintings on Instagram every night, has come off as a blessing to me. My body seems to produce natural caffeine at night and I lay awake with thousands thoughts pulling me down the rabbit hole of overthinking. But these paintings have helped me to calm down, and fill me up with the glee of a child, and get lost in the joy and merriment of the whimsical world of bunnies having tea and mice having dinner.

I have also realised that maybe in few years down the line, I would like to retire from a strict corporate career, and launch myself as a full-time children's book illustrationist and live a very very quite life.

Its time for me to go, wash up and get into my happy yellow night blouse. And then I will soon get lost in some whimsy wonderland, where my neighbour, the bunnies are decorating their front door for the fall season. I need to offer a helping hand.

Au revoir mon ami, au revoir.

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