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Another new start

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

Once again, I am back after ghosting this website for such a long time that I forgot how long I have been away. But I keep coming back to it. Like a wandering lover, who wanders away from time to time from their love interests but finds their way back again, but often leaves again.

This reminds me of the song, Colder Weather...

"She said, "You're a ramblin' man"

And you ain't ever gonna change

You got a gypsy soul to blame

And you were born for leavin'"

Moving on... I do have a gypsy soul. I agree. But then, I was never away from this website. I wasn't around because life was taking me through different lanes that I was lost far away.

But I know something. I will be back. I am always back. And as there have been too many going away and comebacks, even my heart is sore making all these journeys and never staying for long. I won't make promises even this time. But if I stay, I will stay for a while.

Always in search,


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