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Birth of Galiz During the COVID-19 Lockdown by an Aeronautical Engineer

Updated: Apr 25, 2021

When it comes to art, you have to put your sanity aside and be indigenous with your creativity. The subtle aspect that is art doesn’t have a particular operandi to follow.

“There’s absolutely no method to the madness. I just create.” – Founder, Galiz

Art can be expressive, wild, minute, large , small, ephemeral, permanent, documenting, personal, social, biological, physical, controversial but never right or wrong. This characteristics makes art vulnerable on the one hand but resilient on the other.

Art's vulnerable attributes can be found in the art works of Devesh Baheti, the person behind the Instagram page During the COVID-19 lockdown, we discovered much of the population turning their head to their respective passion and same is in the case of Devesh Baheti, who uses #GalizGang hashtag to promote his work.

What is Galiz?

"Galiz is an Urdu/Hindustani word for something that’s conventionally ugly. The thought stemmed from the toxicity that perfection in art/life promotes. The whole notion of embracing something in its truest form without complaints gives me joy. And this space is for people who wish to reclaim that very word and rewrite its definition,” said Devesh.

Art and Style of Expression by ‘Galiz’

“The more we grow, the more jaded we become. Children have that sense of innocence intact in them.”

The signature style of Galiz is this most imperfect and impulsive artistic expression. "Beauty does exists in imperfection" is what Galiz is all about.

Once a Japanese philosopher stated, “The perfect work of art will not wait for you in home when you go out because it’s perfect and doesn’t need anyone to rectify it, but an imperfect work of art wait for you till you come back to home because it needs you”. Galiz's artworks are imperfect and hence it will wait for you from your wall till you go back to your home.

"My art and style, both are imperfect and impulsive. I don’t think a lot. I just go with the flow and get it done. There’s no start or end to it; but yes, there are times when if I am wanting to create something that’s a commissioned gift, then things take time and are a little organized," says Devesh.

Do you remember the days when you used to draw on the walls with a piece of crayons? Or when you used to draw your mom and dad with yourself in the middle holding hands of your parents? You don’t think about any perfection and you just draw what you feel or observe. When asked , Devesh answered- “The more we grow, the more jaded we become. Children have that sense of innocence intact in them. They call a spade a spade without any ill intentions or malice. The whole campaign just came from a conversation of how adults make life so complicated unnecessarily while children, just live and love - however they please.”

You can find drawings very innocent, simple, unworldly, very personal, inexperienced, down-to-earth in the feed of It’s not something like very rich and sophisticated realistic or hyper realistic paintings or drawings but very tangible, palpable in the eyes of the beholder.

Impact of lockdown into growing of Galiz

A child start growing when they have enough space to move their hands and legs or a flower can bloom exquisitely in an uninterrupted space. If someone didn’t give space to a child or try to pluck every petals blooming regularly, it may not grow as it should be. Galiz grow from an infant baby to a grownup child during the period of peace and tranquillity. From illustrations to home decor to wearable art like T-shirts and more, you will find wide variety of products in the Galiz shop.

“My brand is a result of the lockdown — so I am very grateful for that. Although the page was active before, I started selling handmade products in September. And since then, touch wood, there’s no looking back!” – Answered Devesh.

The person behind Galiz is an aeronautical engineer by degree, copywriter by passion and an artist by accident.”

Art can come naturally to anyone, no matter what a person does professionally. Take a homemaker who is an expert with choosing the best colour of cushion that goes well with the room design. It is more about transforming a space into a visual treat aesthetically and that is what an artist does.

Picasso said, “Every child is an artist, the problem is that how to remain an artist once we grew up.”

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