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How to Create your Vision Board with Instagram, Pinterest or PowerPoint

Updated: Apr 17, 2021

Create Online Vision Board, Pinterest, Instagram, PowerPoint

“I want to go to Cuba to watch or maybe to learn salsa!”

“I want to eat sushi with wasabi!”

“I want to be an icon in the fashion industry!”

Well, we all have a lot of dreams in our life. Due to the arduous journey overcoming all the obstacles in the world, there are times we miss out our real goals.

What are Vision Boards?

Vision Board is a visualization tool made out of a board of any sort (cardboard, thermocol, canvas) where a collage of words and pictures are glued together, those that represent one's dreams and goals.

Here comes Vision Boards to help them Happen For Real!

Vision Boards or Dream Boards do help you to realize your dream and never forget about it as you move on in your busy schedule.

A collage or bunch of newspaper cuttings, images, drawings and everything fixed together is a creative reminder of what your goal is or are. When you design your own goals in the vision board and place it in a spot where you always see them, like on the wall facing your bedroom door, it just motivates you to never give up until you achieve the dream.

So there arises a question among yourselves how does a vision board help. It's pretty simple!

It’s like how you remember a movie song by hearing it continuously, rather than learning the lyrics. Similarly, when you are constantly visualizing the pictures and words in the vision board, you make affirmations to yourself helping those dreams to become your goal reminder subconsciously. The board simply acts as a manifesto of your ideas, so it’s up to the creator to decide what all should you include in the canvas.

There may be times when you are down in spirit and there may be instances where you itself must become your motivator. So this is where your vision board becomes your saviour, just your eyes watching the view itself may rejuvenate you.

How to Create Vision Boards Online

vision board 2021

You can create your own Vision Board that may include your career objectives, your hobbies, values, things you would like to do or want to happen.

You can create one with the help of newspaper cutouts, magazine prints, sketches of your own, and photographs, cutting them and creating a bright collage on a cardboard or even a thermocol sheet.

Before the age of social media, cutting, pasting with glue sticks was the major hobby we all had, it was time-consuming but still, we loved to do those. But since the digital world made everything faster, so does creativity also get fastened.

For people who are tech-savvy and people who find it difficult to manually cut out pictures, but still want to make their own vision board the digital way would be more applicable.

PowerPoint Slides: With simply a laptop/desktop with the PowerPoint application or google slides, you are one step near to the task. Collecting images from different websites which emits a positive vibe for yourself, doing the word art, creating background images, etc. can be done by any anyone. You can save it as the desktop screen saver, mobile screen saver, take digital printouts, and there are a plethora of options.

Pinterest: Pinterest is the best online space for creating a board, and with all your desired images and quotes pinned under one board, voila!

Instagram: Currently, almost everyone is on Instagram and we can see a lot of hashtags like #travel #art #personality #movie #cuisine such that we are awestruck by the variety of options. We always have a tendency to screenshot the things we like, and our phone memory is overloaded. But to help with this Instagram has a beautiful feature called “Save to collection” where we can save the pictures into our Instagram account by giving it titular names, thus it itself becomes a vision board for us and helps us to not forget the things we actually want to experience.

These days it is much more feasible, easy and fast to use online tools for making vision boards so that it is less time consuming and helps you get more information from all over the world. We can save the pictures we want on that moment itself, while if we are creating a board manually it takes us a lot of effort to search, find, cut, take printouts etc (doesn’t matter if you are an art lover) and gradually we may lose interest in what we were supposed to make.

Let’s be in place to catch up to the world, create your own vision board and get ready to be rolled.

By Meghana Sarat

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