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How to Improve Your Personal Branding While Sending Festive Greetings

Updated: Jul 18, 2021

It Just takes 5 minutes.

  • Go to any photo editing app (there are plenty - Canva, PicsArt, Snapseed, etc.), and type down one simple message of love and gratitude along with the festival greetings - it is important that you draft if from your heart !

  • Put one picture of yours on it, in case you like to.

  • Jazz it up with filters, animations, stickers, colours, text fonts - its your blank canvas to create.

  • Most important - Sign the card with your Name.

  • Save it to your Gallery.

  • You are now ready to send your own personal Festival Greeting message to everyone.

How Does it Make Any Difference?

Sending a personal note of greetings, tells a lot about you. And that helps to enhance your personal branding to a very different level.

A Big Role in Self Branding:

You need not be some celebrity, local leader, or a famous being to have a personal brand. You are already a brand. Trust me.

The things you post on social media, the things you talk or speak about with your friends, family, outsiders, even strangers, your mannerism, your behaviour, your habits, all are aspects of your personal brand. And people take notice of you every time. Most important, they remember you in a certain way and create opinions about you. That is what your personal brand is.

Only question is, do you want to improve it consciously?

As it is new year, and you must have already shared your wishes. This is the best time to take a step to reinstate your personal in people's mind.

What Does Sending Personal Notes Tells About You:

  • That you respect your communication and that you know what you are saying, in this age of forwards and copy paste!

  • You value your people too. You have taken care to create something personal and share it with your contacts.

  • That you are not one in the crowd. Sending a personal graphic message tells about your personal style and individuality.

  • It also helps strengthening your bond with the people you are sending your message.

  • People do not usually delete your personal message on January 2nd to empty their crowded photo gallery. Personal messages stay for longer time than the forwarded ones, and that also means your personal attributes is staying with that person for a while.

  • Remember, how you get the same Diwali GIF on your WhatsApp from 5 different people? Your personal message should not become a packet of Soan Papdi of Diwali or Plum Cake of Christmas - something that people will just pass on to the next, which may then end up coming to you. A personally signed message cannot be sent to anyone else.

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