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How to Make the Sundays Most Productive

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

Sunday mornings are luxury, enjoyed by very few consciously

Sunday is a myth. And a productive Sunday can be a bigger one. For most of us, a Sunday is over even before it begins. Sunday can go in hopeless rummaging, getting lazy, washing dirty laundry stock of the week. Then how to make Sundays the most productive.

I was no different myself. I oil up my head, to feel heavy on the top, and go OTTing (watching OTT channels), the entire day. To be more precise, this is a day that comes every week, to give us the feeling of the last day of the summer vacation. Do you remember how it felt back then? A feeling of slight anxiety and hopelessness.

Most people rather loves Saturday, as it is reassurance that one can ease up with everything, and life will now take a breathe. Because, the next day is a Sunday.

Each week a Sunday comes, and it comes like there will be no Sunday again. I was tired of getting this feeling of despair every time. And then when i decided to do something different with this "mythical-day-of-respite-from-the-harshness-of-life."

But while giving much thought on how we conduct our free time, and how our habits are formed in the long term, I realized Sundays can be used to be more crucial, fulfilling and productive. It just needs to be better planned.

This blog is about how to the Sundays most productive, to create a more fulfilling life.

And this is how i believe we can bring more structure to our life, if we have a healthy beginning to the first day of the week.

1. Wake up early

Sunday mornings are luxury, enjoyed by very few consciously

To leave the comforts of the bed a day when you are not forced to go to work or school, is a tough discipline. But a very rewarding one.

How to do: Plan your weekends early. Use the Friday to prioritize how fruitfully you must spend your weekend days. Make it a point to sleep early on a Saturday night. Have plans of having a wonderful and nourishing morning to yourself on Sunday. Make the most of the early hours. I personally love a early Sunday morning. So much peace and calm.

2. Design and enjoy your own Sunday 'Me-Date'

Me-date is my own secret name to everything mindful that i do. It is my derivative of the word 'meditate'. This could be just opening up the windows, or blinds and let the morning light rush in free. Or this could be just starting at the sky, and how the blush on the clouds are changing shades. This could be anything, that happens in the early hours. The rustling of leaves, to watching the curtain flutter. This is a priceless, luxurious time, which I usually spend practicing mindful breathing techniques.

What to do: This could be simply sitting still and breathing consciously lungs-full of fresh air. Make yourself a cup or mug of tea or any hot drink, like chamomile tea, tulsi (holy basil) tea, or just squeeze in lemon to a glass of lukewarm water. This will detox and rejuvenate your body, and it also claims to have several other health benefits.

3. Try to do laundry a day before or on weekdays

Keep Sundays Laundry Free

Most people complain that their weekends goes in washing and doing laundry. Which takes a lot of mental time, if not physical time. Mental time is something I would say, the stress one goes through in executing something important but uninteresting. Laundry can be a good exercise for many, but for some like me, it is like eating the frog.

How to do: "Wash as it comes" is something I mostly practice. I try not to make a pile of clothes and get them washed on my official relaxing day, when i would simply like to lie down, enjoy a drink, snacking, watch a movie, or just while away, or go out. I make it a point to do away with two-three pairs of clothes, everyday or whenever it needs a wash and get it done immediately. This way, I am always laundry-free on my Sundays. I believe this is possible even in bigger households with many members. All is required that every person take care of their own laundry and get it washed just like we wash ourselves each day. And leave the Sunday for the purpose it was for. To chill!

4. Plan Sunday Brunch well advanced

We all love to have a late and lazy but heavy breakfast on a Sunday. Hence, comes the grand Sunday Brunch, that we all look forward to. But have you ever found yourself on Sunday morning, making last moment plans for this grand meal? It happens again, when there is no plan.

How to do: Till now, i am sure you have realized this that I am trying to establish Sunday as the relax-only day when you don't do laundry or grocery. Though doing groceries could be therapeutic many a times, but only in some cases. Supermarket groceries are more stress than therapy. Planning your brunch in advance saves you from making last moment trips to the market or shop. Also, some dishes need night-before preparation, hence planning the meal ahead is an obvious choice to go for. There is less room for surprises for all the members in the family too, and everyone can enjoy the food that they enjoy together the best.

5. Write down your plan for the week ahead

Planning in the sense, keeping a weekly planner. For taking some time out on a Sunday afternoon to jot down the prioritized tasks for the week ahead is something you can thank yourself throughout the week later. For instance, we know our regular tasks, and we see no point in putting them on a planner. But to get our prioritized tasks highlighted and not be lost with too much on the plate, this can actually increase the productivity and reinstate the sense of achievement.

How to do: Sit down at a quite relaxing space, and put away your phone or other distractions. Plan out a list of all the tasks that are there to be worked out and completed for the next week on a rough sheet. Put the timeline against each task. Now create a final list and as per the priority and time considered, put now each task one after the other. Try to write the first 3-4 highly prioritized task with ink and the next with pencil. This helps the brain to take only highlighted and important tasks first. In case you managed to complete your first 3 tasks, you can then look into the next ones with lesser priority.

Other Hacks for Productive Sunday:

i. Plan your weekly budget: Pre-plan your upcoming expenses. Allot money for ordering food, travelling to work and other places, for going and eating out with friends, for shopping, groceries, bills, and other adulting stuff.

ii. Avoid long afternoon siestas on Sunday: It is most tempting, but why suffer later at night. Rather practice your favorite activity like water painting, writing, creating beautiful content for Instagram, or try out a new dessert or snack. The best, watch a movie!

iii. Avoid coffee late on Sunday evenings. It will keep you up all night for a lethargic Monday morning to begin with. Rather explore the colorful world of different teas, smoothies, juices, for a filling drink.

iv. Treat yourself to something yum: Buy yourself an ice-cream, that one flavor you always planned to try. Or maybe a tart or a cake. Go and have something spicy, or just make yourself a hot bowl of noodles and watch a Mukbang video on YouTube.

v. Do not bring work on Sunday until evening: Avoid working on a Sunday, until the Sunday evenings, where you might want to refresh yourself and prepare for a more productive Monday at work.

vi. Take a walk in the morning: Go for a Sunday morning walk, relax and just watch the trees, the leaves, their hues, or just watch the birds. You may need not require to jog, run, or exercise. Sometimes it is just therapeutic to simply walk around for long, and watch the surroundings.

vii. Write dream journals about how fantastic week it is going to be: Do dream journaling about how you would want your dream week to be. Its fantasy, yes. But it sends positive message to the subconscious, who is constantly sending out messages to the universe to create your reality.

.... don't forget to oil your head, and massage your feet and hands and listen to something soothing.

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