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More Indians Should Be Aware Of Junk Journaling

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

Junk Journaling India

You will not find many search results that will show you Indians making junk journals. Junk journaling in India is yet to catch up with the other more popular craft activities. And yet, we do have someone who loves the medium...

What is Junk Journal and Journaling

The word junk usually denotes items that are discarded, worn and thrown, wasted stuff, and to upcycle those scrap worthless items into journaling or decorating journals can be called as Junk Journaling. Then again, to each her own. Junk Journaling can have different meanings for every other creator. However, one thing is definitely the agreeable to all, that it is one of the most interesting journaling medium or style. Junk journals mostly have a rustic, vintage feel to it, as it is mostly created or assembled from tits and bits, from either a muesli cardboard packet, tissue papers, old gift-wraps, pages from magazines or old books, brown paper bags, old fabric pieces, dried flowers and leaves and similar other materials, that was once upon a time new, fresh and part of something else.

While searching for Junk Journaling in India, Instagram helped me to reach Kumudini Bhutani's page, Kimey’s Korner. This was one of the only pages where I found an Indian talking about Junk Journals, so far. Instagram has not shown any other suggestions of Indian Junk Journals till now.

Kimey’s Korner is clearly about Kumudini’s love for Junk Journaling, books and poetry, and about making every passing moment in her life an artsy mise-en-scene. Here, she has not only showed her interesting journal creations, but you will also find mentioned in the bio her new, in-the-process venture called the @shopkimeyskorner. In an email interaction, Kumudini shared her thoughts about Junk Journaling and about her shop. An excerpt from the interaction...

1. How the love story with Junk Journaling began?

I came across Junk Journaling almost two years ago. Then I did not know exactly what it was. I’d see on my Instagram’s explore feed- journals that would be a combination of writing, drawing, and craft, and I really admired them. I started following a few accounts, and explored more about it, till I finally tried one journal spread myself. The best part about Junk Journaling is that it’s a combination of many activities- writing, drawing, painting, craft, and there is no limit. Hence, you can always find something new to do with it.

2. Tell us about your store, what motivated you to start it?

There is a shortage of nice, pocket-friendly Journaling supplies in India, especially the kind you see bloggers using in countries like the U.S. or Germany. My idea behind the store was mainly to try to fill the gap a little.

3. What would you comment on Junk Journaling by Indians ? Do you think more people should be aware of this activity?

I used to believe that in India, people are not aware of the craft, but having come across a few accounts on Instagram, I can say that there is a good amount of artists in India who know about it. Most of them as well as the audience, however, stick to art journaling more, and that is what they appreciate too.

I feel more Indians (even if they are not artists) should be aware of Junk Journaling as much as they would be for ‘acrylic painting’, ‘glass painting’, ‘resin art’ etc. i.e. to say that it should be given the same kind of weightage as you’d give to any other art. In fact, kids must be encouraged to take it up as a hobby, and adults of any age should start it too so as to keep their minds creative.

4. Are there content that you follow online on Junk Journaling? Where do you see yourself with it in the future?

I follow a lot of Instagram accounts - @megjournals, @penpalmarie, @chancoquett, @starry_eyedjournals. And Pinterest never fails to quench the thirst for inspiration. I am sure Junk Journaling is something that I’d be doing for as long as I live, and like I have inspired a few people to take up the hobby, I’ll continue to do so.

6. According to you, is there any therapeutic benefit of Junk Journaling?

All art that makes one happy is therapeutic, but with Junk Journaling, the best part is that there is no right or wrong. So, whatever you make gives you so much happiness that you can hardly stop staring at what you make. And the process just adds to the charm, you get lost in it.

7. Is there a small business possibility with Junk Journaling here in India? If yes, how?

Possibilities are never ending. If you really believe in what you do, you can make things happen. For Junk Journaling, since there is not a huge audience, the toughest task would be to convince people that is a good thing to take up, invest your money in, and then build your business around it- be it educating, or curating supplies.

More about Kumudini

Kumudini is an art educator and content-creator by profession, who is a self-taught artist. She gives credit to junk journaling for helping her and her students in enhancing creativity & imagination, and in attaining mindfulness. It is because of these positive results, that she felt the need to make others aware of the art and inculcating it in their daily lives. Kumudini is an ardent book lover and is also a poet.

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