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Mandala - 5 Reasons for Making it Your Next Art Hobby

Updated: Apr 17, 2021

By Dr Rimy Binita Dey - Doctor, Influencer, Artist, Dog-Mom, Traveler...

mandala art, zentangle doodle

Mandala (Sanskrit मण्डल) literally translates to circle. As an art form, it is a circular (mostly) pattern and repetitive complex and intricate patterns within this circular pattern all around one central point. I started as a hobbyist mandala and zen tangle artist few years back and haven’t stopped since. Mandalas have been my constant companion throughout the years.

Why Mandalas:

1. The ultimate 'stress-buster'

Mandalas have been recognised by psychology as a therapeutic tool. With proven results on how mandalas help in keeping depression, anxiety and stress at bay while concentration helps us in calming down our nerves. So next time something is stressing you out, take your pen and paper and start drawing a mandala

2. No fancy ingredients like other DIY or art and craft

Mandalas need the humble most of ingredients to begin working upon. A pen, a paper, a scale and something to draw a circle with, a compass maybe. And you are good to go. And they are easy and forgiving and malleable according to your needs and fancy. Colour them as you like, draw as you like, intricately pattern them as you like. There’s no correct way of doing a mandala. And you need no tutor. Mandala painting gives you the utmost liberty to explore your artistic self.If at all you need help, there are numerous tutorials on YouTube and books available on Amazon or other bookstores to guide you.

3. Mandalas make the most beautiful decorative items

You can use your own designs to adorn to your walls or desk top. And the avenues are endless. Mandala tapestries look beautiful on the wall, so either paint one or embroider one. Make a dot mandala on a rock and use them as fancy accessories

4. Explore your inner spirituality using mandala

Mandalas have been associated with spirituality for ages starting from ancient native American traditions, to Mosque and temple ceilings, to Buddhist concept of chakras and Paradise in Shintoism, mandalas have been used as mediums to explore divine inner realities. As a meditative tool, mandala symbolises the mystical centre, the universe in totality, and has been associated with positive energy as many think that nothing can penetrate the circle of good.

5. Mandala as art therapy

Mandalas have been increasingly incorporated as a art therapy. Dementia, Downs Syndrome, post traumatic stress disorder, Alzheimer’s, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder have all shown promising results when mandalas were used as a therapy of the affected individuals. The meditative nature of mandala painting helps the person in relaxing , while in children it improves concentration and decision making abilities.

Some of the mandala art by the author herself

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