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Mobile App Review: Tide

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

ABFC Rating: ****

Purchase Type: Freemium

Purpose: Ambience Sounds, Meditation, Focus, White Noise, Pomodoro


Mobile App Description: For mindfulness, focusing, meditation, relaxation, inducing sleep, breathing practice, white noise

I truly loved the Tide mobile app.

Why? Because the Tide app design and UX is very balmy for the eyes to start with. The sense of calmness you instantly feel with its logo and the landing page and throughout the app. The mobile app is created by Chinese developers Moreless, Inc.

The Tide app is used for inducing visual and aural relaxation and calmness. It also gives guided meditation sessions, help to sleep with its selective white noise tracks. The interface is very soft and light visually, and transition responses in a very calming style. The animation in the app is also created tastefully to give a soft balmy hygge feel to the user.


Sleep & Nap


Tide aids in inducing sleep or a nap, while you may choose to listen to one of its white noise track, called 'scene' from total nineteen different scenes available with the free version. There is also an alarm option that will will stop the track and may also play light alarm sound that have been set earlier. The app also assist to reminder of Bed-Time, with its Bed Time Reminder option. All this happens on a beautiful screen, with soft purple color, and with even softer UI.



The mobile app can be similarly used for focus and concentration to your task in hand. This feature is based on the Pomodoro technique of concentration. I used this feature to work on my desk at work, when I wanted to kill the distraction coming from my colleagues and be attentive at my work. Plug-in your ear phones/bud and you can again choose from any of the white noise 'scene', that will play on the phone background and you can continue with your tasks. My personal favorite 'scene' one is the Cafe sound, though the Rain, Library and Roof, are good ones for me too. The maximum time it will go and before a reset is requires to 180 minutes and a minimum 5 minutes. One can also keep a record of the focused time session on the app.

The feature also have an Immersive mode that if enabled, the focusing session gets interrupt if other apps on the phone are used. There are other features too to discover once you use the application.



Relax feature has different meditation guided voice with the different soothing scenes playing on the BG. There are three distinct categories of guided mediation on the Relax mode: Singles, Minis and Basic. There four basic types of meditation on this feature, namely Breathe, Body Scan, Thoughts, Emotions, and Visualization. A beautiful male voice guides one through the meditations, and while I do that, I prefer to the 'scene' (white noise) of Forest to be playing.



Breathe. Simply Breathe. In and out. That is all that this one of the most soothing mode of this app helps you to do. Mindful breathing. Something that we all ought to do and yet we mostly never realize to become mindful about it. One can even twig the breathing frequencies on the settings. The therapeutic sound of water bodies, like a gurgling stream, in the background

Other Features:

  • Daily Inspiration Quotes

  • Tide Daily (Record & Share growth charts)

  • Minimalist Design

  • Daily Reminder


Tide Mobile App Access:

Download the app for free which is both available for both Android and Apple devices.


App Review In Shorts:

Tide App is For: People struggling with restlessness, concentration problem, or looking for guided meditation, mindfulness and breathing practices. Anyone who wants to try technology for instilling mindfulness, or have better sleep or someone looking to trigger early sleep or take naps.


  1. The 'scenes' or the white noise options could be limited one. While I personally believe that here in Tide, it is much practical a list than many apps provide, where most of the soundtracks are rarely even listened to.

  2. There is a possibility for some to find the UI/UX to be even completed.

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