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My 8 Healthy Habits During Isolation

Updated: Apr 17, 2021

If you are looking for silver linings, then this isolation period that we are all going through can be turned into the biggest blessing bestowed on us. We all understand that these are tough times and our lives are being disrupted everywhere. Any yet, this could be your (and my too) time to instill healthy habits and practices, and finding fresher perspectives in life.

Here are 8 healthy habits you can work on during isolation.

1. Practice to start early mornings

There can never be the best time to start your mornings early then during this time. We are all stranded at our homes, hence we are not in any pressure to break our sleep reluctantly, and run with the world halfheartedly, like we have been always doing so. But, this is also a time, when we either sleep back after the alarm goes off, or voluntarily decide to leave the bed and open our windows to the glowing sun. Morning sleep is the best, many shall bet on this and yet, we know how dull it feels everyday later, thinking about the precious time we had let go off. If we are promising ourselves each night, that we will wake up early the next morning, then my friend, this is the time we start the practice.

2. To do No. 1, Sleep Early or avoid siestas

Waking up early could be a conquered fortress, if only we had gone back to sleep early the previous nights. That is nearly impossible these days to us, especially, when we are under no obligation to prepare for work or school next day, and there are never-will-catch-up numbers of Netflix and Amazon Prime series, not to mention the other OTT channels, and YouTube to flick away with. But do observe, the night spent watching intense series leaves us dazed the morning next. To me it feels a bit draining after all those hours of episodes going back to back. Sleeping early also makes the body feel rejuvenated and keeps us up the whole day for a long time. Late nights, late mornings, also makes us sleepy around late morning or afternoon. Siestas can disturb the entire sleep circle, if you take it for more than an hour. Finally it is about setting one's own priority. Sleep well, look bright.

3. Prayers to the Universe

With more time in hand than usual, this could be a time where we can try to get our mind, body and soul balanced. To get there, you can add prayers to your morning routine, and also before you go to bed. Prayers do not only mean religious rituals, as we all understand. Prayers can be those quiet moments, when we sit in silence, with our body relaxed and mind not chattering too much. I usually wash myself, and sit on my bed, after I let the outdoor fresh and cooler air come, and join my palms together and close my eyes. I simply smile to myself thinking about how grateful I feel with whatever I have today with me. I pray to the universe, also to reach out to each one of us who is in need of a miracle to happen. I also try to breathe deep and slow as I do this. It can be for any amount of time. Doing so, I consciously set my temperament for the day and I take responsibility to everything that unfolds ahead of me.

4. Twisting and Turning

I find it amusing, whenever Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev reminds the attendees of his Satsang that Yoga is not about twisting and turning of the limbs. Yoga for me is still an unexplored territory, which I aim to do around this isolation period. Though I have not explored its possibilities myself, I understand that it has immense possibilities of doing great wonders to our body and mind. As we cannot go out in gyms or fitness centres, we must not ignore our health at any moment. Hence, this could be the best time to work out by practicing Yoga, or how we call it in Assamese, Jug Xadhana (Yog Sadhana)

5. Drinking a lot of fluid.

Hydrating oneself is not only advisable during COVID times but, as we may tend to have less body movements and more consumption of food, salt retention is highly possible in our bodies. Helping the kidneys flush it out all, we need to keep ourselves hydrated and detoxed. Me and my partner are adding a lot of cucumbers, watermelons, citrus fruits to our diet and we are trying to cut our meat consumption. Keep a bottle full of water near you all the while. Add a piece of cucumber to it along with a lemon slice. Post my prayers each morning, I drink a tumbler full of lukewarm water with lemon squeezed in it. You may also add a tablespoon of honey to it.

6. Podcasts

podcasts, coffee, music

My LinkedIn profile screams out that I am a podcast addict with a hashtag. Music is irreplaceable to anything however, investing some time in the day in listening to some really good podcast that can help you in your life, hobbies and interest and work, could be a wise thing to do. Podcasts are amazing, and they are about anything and everything under the sun. You get to know so much more about the world, about people and all that while you are chopping onions in the kitchen or pooping inside the loo. There is a universe of podcasts to listen to, just like there is an unconquerable universe of books to read, movies to watch, music to listen to and of course series to watch. We demand IMMORTALITY!

7. Journaling

Take out that cute notebook, you bought early this year, and you don’t know how to fill it up. Write something on, and it need not begin with the cliched ‘Dear Diary…” at all. Journaling is great fun, only if you want to explore with more ideas and do not stay stuck-up with what everyone does with their journals. You need not write what you did the whole day, or your sad life saga in it. Just like podcasts, journaling could be about anything. You may start writing down about your favourite recipes, or make a list of things you would have done if there wasn’t a social distancing going on. It could be your critique on movies or music, or the song you need to find and a make playlist on Spotify.

Travel you did or want to do, things you want to change around you, the potential it has is endless.

8. Mindless chatter and negative conversations

You are meeting nobody at all now, so it should not mean you take up the phone and have mindless chatter or unproductive conversations with anyone. This is not just talking ill of people, but during these times, many people tend to talk about the upcoming days in a negative tone. There could be friends and family who sees this as an extremely bad time, and might lose hope for the future. Remember, talking about sickness, pay cuts, layoffs, poverty and hopelessness is a choice you make. That can be easily replaced with healthier things, like being mindful, hobbies, new skills, keeping up good health, sharing recipes and catching up with sweet old memories. What we talk and what we think, is always our choice. Let it be a conscious one.

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