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Story of Two Self Taught Art Lovers Spreading Smiles with their IG Craft Venture Artish Tales

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

The Self-taught Crafters

We are Crafters and are self-taught artists. We make dreamcatchers, bottle art, paper crafts, embroidery hoop art, crochet goodies and many more. We love experimenting, and if the client wants something we haven't tried yet, but still have much faith on us, we'll go for any new idea and will put our best to make it as good as the client has imagined.

The Brains Behind

I am Akhila Jayan. I've completed my post-graduation recently and was working as an assistant professor until recently. Well, I also have a love for reading, scribbling, painting, upcycling and experimenting new things. I have never felt that I'm a perfect artist. But I don't have a hesitation trying something new, and of course, I trust the process and that what keeps me motivated. The co-founder of Artish Tales is Aannie Grace. She's doing her final year in Bachelor of Homeopathic Science. She is mainly into making dream catchers and bottle art.

Square 1

We founded Artish Tales at the end of 2019, and we are from Kerala. I (Akhila) was not much involved in crafting till 2019. Then one day, I heard about upcycling bottles and making them into beautiful pieces of art. So I thought of trying my hands on it, and I loved it. Later on, I came across some paper crafters' pages on Instagram and was amazed. I wanted to make something like all those pretty stuff. After that, I tried new things including, Crochet, Embroidery and all. And that's when I seriously began my crafting journey.

Aannie was showing interest in the field of art from early childhood and used to participate in many drawing and painting competitions. She had this habit of collecting stones, leaves or anything that she feels unique in her eyes and turn them into something pretty & meaningful. She is also interested in paper craftworks and nylon flower making. She also had this thought of making her passion for colours and arts into something productive and turning it to something useful for others. She is also a self-taught artist. She says that it is hard work to bring about some imagination into reality after many trials and errors. But after completion, the feeling of satisfaction is quite priceless. Her hobbies are mainly pencil drawing, acrylic painting, portrait drawing and crafting.

How is it going

Crafting takes so much effort, pain and time besides the joy of doing what I love. But all the pain and hardships simply vanish right at the moment when I receive all those smiles and feedbacks. I also had this dream to turn this business to something useful for others too. And there are a million dreams too. Hope, all this happens someday.

We both got the same taste and had this passion for crafting. So we thought of starting a page together to showcase our works and, that's when Artish Tales was born. Till now, we've spread so many smiles across India and are super happy about this. And we'll be working more towards our dreams.

*The copyright for all images (except the first) used in this page, belongs to @artish_tales

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