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Why Copying Behaviour of Successful People is a DUMB Move

Updated: Apr 17, 2021

When we see successful people around us, we tend to imitate them and their lifestyle, in order to get ourselves where they are. Maybe that is a nice approach, but can also be a real dumb one.

Why Copying Behaviour of Successful People is a DUMB Move

Everyone's life experiences are different and so is their approach to learning and becoming successful.

The only thing that one can copy from successful people are their attributes and not their calendars.

Attributes that make people SUCCESSFUL!

● Consistency

● Hard-Work

● Relentlessness

● Focus

● Learning & Unlearning

● Routine

Attributes that make people SUCCESSFUL!

and so....

1. Don't go reading about anything and everything

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You need not be reading all those books recommended in popular reading lists. Purposeless reading can be a waste of time and mental capacity to hold relevant information.

Reading books should not be a score to show off. Social-media-inspired goals like reading a number of books in a week, or a month, is a strenuous and futile practice if you are not able to retain what you read.

Find reading materials that are relevant to your life goals and those that enhances your knowledge, and refreshes your state of mind. And telling the world on social media how many books you read may make you feel good about yourself but, that shouldn't be a driving factor.

2. You need not wake up at 4 am because you heard successful people doing so

4 am alarm, morning routine

Successful people do not just start waking up early in the morning and become successful. Maybe they have good solid reasons to wake up early and start their day. Hard work is a key factor in order to be successful. And to get the most out of 24 hours time, it is wise to cash in as many early hours possible in a day. Early morning hours are usually quiet, and one tends to do more productive work than in the later part of the day.

First, identify your life goals, ask what you need to do to achieve that. Will that require for you to use the maximum number of hours that are available to you? That is very obvious most of the time.

If yes, then create a custom-made routine for yourself, factoring in every aspect of your current lifestyle. Look at the hours that you can practically put in if you want to achieve those goals of yours. Keep in mind that productivity for its own sake is not long-lasting. Consider facts like your sleep-quota, your duties at home and work, your other commitments and engagements, etc. Finally, do just one thing - consistently follow that routine.

3. You need not dress up, talk, behave or simply copy someone's behavior

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It is a bit of beaten-to-death advice that we keep hearing from most self-help gurus, coaches and lifestyle advisors. The concept is not to imitate someone to become like them. Firstly, why would a person aspire to become like someone already there?

The concept is to create the right mindset for becoming successful.

Everything first starts inside the mind. Once the right mindset is created and locked, it is easier to create a path to get to the goal sooner. Think like a winner to become one and be mentally prepared to get into the shoes of an achiever.

This does not mean you must be thoughtlessly imitating someone. Identify you own special persona. Write down in a piece of paper your best attributes and where you need to improve and work on. Look at how successful people have overcome their own downsides.

Take inspirations and ideas. Don't Copy! Uttering human sounds don't make a parrot human after all.

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